The Music
Here's where you'll find details of all of Supergrass's UK releases to date.

You can also find details of promotional releases, a few rarities, and an imports section covering differing releases from around the world.

Finally, there are lists of all known radio sessions and compilations featuring Supergrass tracks. E-mail me any I'm missing.
The Albums
The Singles
Caught By The Fuzz [1994] Mansize Rooster [1995] Lenny [1995] Alright/Time [1995]
Going Out [1996] Richard III [1997] Sun Hits The Sky [1997] Late In The Day [1997]
Pumping On Your Stereo [1999] Moving [1999] Mary [1999] Never Done Nothing Like That Before [2002]
Grace [2002] Seen The Light [2003] Rush Hour Soul [2003] Kiss Of Life [2004]
St. Petersburg [2005] Low C [2005] Fin [2006] Diamond Hoo Ha Man [2008]
Bad Blood [2008] Rebel In You [2008] Caught By The Fuzz [2020]  
Supergrass Is 10 DVD [2004]
The Other Bits