The Newsletter - 20 August 2002

How would you like to go and see Supergrass play for free?
You would? Now here's your chance!

Well, when I say now, I don't exactly mean now, because I've no idea when you're going to be reading this e-mail. What I actually mean is in a few weeks time, 14 September 2002 to be precise, when Supergrass will be recording an appearance for ITV1's CD:UK show.

If you fancy it, here are the few rules (not mine) you have to comply with:

1. You can get to Waterloo, London on 14 September 2002 (at approx 2pm)
2. You're aged between 16 and 30
3. You have valid photographic ID

If you can pass all the above, and you can use a telephone, you're well on your way to those lovely free tickets.

Simply pick up your telephone receiver, dial 0207 240 2828 (or +44 207 240 2828 if you're outside the UK) and ask to speak to either Sophie or Corrina. Tell them you'd really like free tickets to see Supergrass on CD:UK on 14 September, and keep your fingers crossed that they've still got some left.

And to make sure you've got a good chance of getting some tickets, I won't put this information on the site until tomorrow night.

Good luck!