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Life On Other Planets

Grown up but still cheeky and definitely on form.

Life On Other Planets is Supergrassí fourth album and possibly their finest. Theyíre still full of youthful enthusiasm but with the polish of having had three albums to learn from.

There are a couple of contributing factors. After taking some time off following their last album, X-Ray, the band decamped to a villa in France for two months, armed with red wine, French food and acoustic guitars. "Being together in France felt like the old days when we all lived together," they say. Ah, thereís the youthful enthusiasm.

The professionalism is aided by the presence of Tony Hoffer, a Californian producer best know for his work with Beck and Air. "Itís the first time weíve worked with a producer since I Should Coco," says Mick. "Tony has tickled the albumís scrotum with his cheeky West Coast touches." Nice.

Supergrass are gifted with the knack of making brilliantly catchy pop songs while avoiding the direct route of A to B, thus making them more interesting. The Beatles had it, Blur had it, Supergrass have got it. Life On Other Planets is a playful barrage of melodies, harmonies and funny noises that canít fail to make you happy.

MW, BBC Collective - 26 September 2002