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Supergrass Return

Brash, punk pop heroes and all round advocates of crazy hair Supergrass return this spring with their sixth album. Fresh from their pre-Xmas blistering set at Clash Club at Madame JoJo's in London, the trio have been completely uncovered as the mysterious figures behind the 'Diamond Hoo Ha Men' moniker.

Having had a tumultuous last few years including tabloid scandals alleging that Danny Goffey and girlfriend Pearl Lowe had wife swapped with Jude Law and Sadie Frost, the band more recently had to deal with Gaz Coombes' mother passing away and then Mickey Quinn suffered two broken vertebrae and a broken heel while sleepwalking out of a first floor window in France.

Hard times. Yet despite all this kerfuffle the band have still managed to produce what looks likely to be another stomper of an album. Gaz said: "The Diamond Hoo Ha Men name came from a dream. There's no logic to anything we do - you know that. But what we love about our new record is that it's full of energy and excitement; something we really wanted to capture for the songs we'd written. It was recorded in a deliberately short space of time in order to try and achieve this freshness and feeling of spontaneity. But, we love all our records equally, like our children, it's just a case of what the fans and critics decide are their favourites."

The album was recorded over a couple of weeks in Berlin at the legendary Hansa studios. It's produced by Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave). The first single to be release will be 'Diamond Hoo Ha Man' on January 14th through Parlophone while the album 'Diamond Hoo Ha' is out March 24th, and a second single will be 'Bad Blood' out March 17th.

To check out the new single 'Diamond Hoo Ha Men' [sic] and the cracking B-side ahead of its release in January, plus footage of their searing Clash Club appearance, log onto for an exclusive airing.

Clash - February 2008