The Press Article
VRT Marconi Studio, Brussels, Begium, 24 June 2004

You might not have thought it, but 'Supergrass' have been around for 10 years. Because of this birthday, these 'wild ones' released a real compilation-CD with the amazing title 'Supergrass Is 10'. And because of that they step into the big world once again, with a big '10' on drummer Danney Goffey's drumkit. The gig at Dutch 'Parkpop' festival got cancelled in favor of the 'Glastonbury' festival, making this 'Studio Brussel' session an exclusive event in the Benelux*. Even more reasons for the competition winners who were invited, to really enjoy themselves that night.

As expected, most of the songs they played were taken from the compilation. Opener was a 'punchy' version of LENNY and RICHARD III confirmed that the band were willing to give this gig their very best, even if it was 'only' a radio-session. STRANGE ONES is a song that evolved from B-side through album track to gig-favorite, without ever being released as a single, which made it impossible not to be played this night. CAUGHT BY THE FUZZ and LATE IN THE DAY got the acoustic treatment by singer Gaz Coombes and bass-player Mick Quinn, both handling the guitar for the occasion. And these 'stripped' version sounded brilliant as well. The 'Beatles'-like skills of 'Supergrass' surfaced even more at this point.

After this intermezzo it was full gear again, with as absolute highlights new single KISS OF LIFE and 'eternal youth anthem' ALRIGHT. When a sweat-dripping Gaz said goodbye at the end of a long-spung SUN HITS THE SKY, the full hour of playing seemed to have gone by like the blink of an eye, just like the last ten years of Supergrass. Still a band with strength and relevance, which makes us hope for them to come back to our country for a regular gig.

Kristiaan Art,
Translated by Leo Hoek van Dijke