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Supergrass Is 10: The Best Of Supergrass 94-04

Always a guaranteed crowd pleaser at festivals, Supergrass have been rather undervalued as songwriters and record makers. This is possibly due to their early hit Alright, which saw them tapping into a wellspring of cred-free, feel- good British pop with musical roots in Cliff and the Shadows. Still, the band were shrewd enough to turn down Steven Spielberg's offer to transform them into a 1990s version of the Monkees, and held course through an increasingly sophisticated set of singles and albums.

This DVD version of their greatest hits album arranges the songs chronologically, from the melodic adrenaline rush of the early stuff through their lysergic middle period, and onto the soulful melancholy of later hits such as Moving. The promos range from hand-held camera jobs to full on (and frequently hilarious) special FX galas, but the band's Tucker Jenkins-ish camaraderie shines through in every one. Once you've sat through the in-depth, career-spanning documentary on disc two, it's hard to come to any conclusion other than that being in Supergrass is probably the most joyful job in the world.

James Griffiths, The Guardian - 25 June 2004