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Diamond Hoo Ha

The Oxford rockers' sixth album, recorded in Berlin

These days, Supergrass are so at one with rock's yeoman fundamentals that their websire has a roadcrew gallery. Meet the men known as Big Dave and Tree. It's all a little removed fro mthe Britpop teens; the days when Steven Spielberg wanted to roll out a Supergrass TV series. This muscular, everyman rock could have been produced at any time in the past 35 years, but has charm and character nonetheless - with lyrics like private jokes that somehow still communicate with the wider world. it's maybe the equivalent of a Dick Francis novel - functional entertainment, but full of craft on its own terms. On the likes of Whisky & Green Tea, Gaz Coombes' melodiously expectorant holler is an instantly recognisable joy and the thunderously supple rhythm section is as readily familiar and appealing as a bag of chips.

Roy Wilkinson, Mojo - April 2008