The Press Article
Album: Life On Other Planets (Release 30/9).
Other planets?: Yes, rather than 'Planet Of The Apes'.
Why?: Singer Gaz get's fooled around with his monkey-like face. Must see!:

You can synchronize your watch on it: every two years a new Supergrass album, stuffed with razor-sharp popsongs, mad lyrics, choral vocals and sixties-melodies. 'I Should Coco' (95), 'In It For The Money' (97) and 'Supergrass' (99) sold a million each without difficulty. To prepare this new disc, the lads withdrew to a French villa for a few months, with acoustic guitars and lots of wine, 'to get to know each other again'. If that would only work out right: when The Stones occupied a villa at the Riviera some thirty years ago, they nearly collapsed under the drugs, the booze and the women. "But they also recorded 'Exile On Main Street' then," singer/guitarist/girl-magnet Gaz Coombes replies. And he's right, though 'Life On Other Planets' hasn't become the second 'Exile'. It has become a very good record, filled with light 'Indian Summer'-songs, but punky noise as well. The latter proves the ability of Supergrass to make a very heavy album one day. Which they won't, explains Gaz: "We love writing catchy popsongs. If we'd do such an experimental album, we'd let the pop fans in ourselves down. Besides that, we're not taking the band serious enough to make complicated music. We love making fun". He does promise the next album to be really good though. Something the band is saying for years now: our fifth CD will be a real Classic! "Well. I seemed to have gotten ourselves in serious trouble, saying that".

Robert Heeg, Nieuwe Revu (Dutch Magazine) - 02 October 2002
Translated by: Leo Hoek van Dijke.