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Happy Anniversary

SUPERGRASS are to release a greatest hits compilation to coincide with their tenth anniversary.

The band are currently in the studio working songs that will be included on the as-yet-untitled record. NME.COM understands that the band will contribute two new songs, and all their singles to date will be on the album.

As previously reported, the band are also looking to release a DVD this year.

The band are asking fans for any footage of them shot during their ten-year career, which will then sit alongside a collection of their videos.

In a message posted on Supergrass' website, they said: "We're trying to make it as exciting/interesting/good as possible so if you've got any bootleg film of us playing gigs or maybe from some bushes, just walking around in our houses late at night then please get into contact with us.

"We guarantee we won't press charges and it'll give other people an opportunity to see your impressive camera skills," they added.

NME - 27 January 2004