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Supergrass - Life On Other Planets

In the background 'Life On Other Planets' passes by strolling for the umpteenth time. At the PC screen an alarmingly white 'Word' document, already named 'Supergrass', patiently waits it's turn. Another glimpse at the ceiling doesn't seem to work as well.. Yes, reviewer van den Berg is given a hard time by the latest Supergrass. He doesn't hear much in it. It doesn't do a thing to him. And yes, he's got all Supergrass albums at home. Great pieces of work each, he thinks, packed with energetic, igniting, 'Young dogs'-like songs that combine almost every nice aspect of the 70's glamrock-era: T-Rex, Bowie, The Who, Madness, Boomtown Rats, those things. The 4th Supergrass-CD is alike. Fresh, nice, happy, spikey, harmless, not too difficult and sometimes positively bullshittin'. In 'Seen The Light' birds whistle and a sheep adds vocals, the reviewer notes, by whom that very fine new Supergrass record still doesn't give any emotion or even pronouncable feelings. In 'La Song' he spottes a very intelligent 'Stranglers'-imitation, discovering great old Synth-sounds elsewhere. Meanwhile the 'Instant Hit' songs dance around his tiring head hand in hand. They laugh at him. He starts 'The Coral' CD once more and starts typing. With a mean grin on his face.

Erik van den Berg, OOR Magazine (Dutch) - 05 October 2002
Translated by: Leo Hoek van Dijke.