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I Should Coco

The weekly new british sensation doesn't come from Bristol this time, but from Oxford: three Swagger calling themselves SUPERGRASS. I do have something against the word 'Super' that is put in front of anything anywhere at anytime, which made things quite hopeless on forehand. Supergrass makes infectious funpunk, which will do very good at weddings and birthdayparties.

The group has been compared with the likes of 'The Clash' and 'The Buzzcocks', but I seem to think more of 'Undertones', 'Rezillos' and 'Boomtown Rats'. Of the last mewntionned the hit 'She's So Modern' is slightly redone with 'She's So Loose'. First two singles, 'Caught By The Fuzz' and 'Mansize Rooster' are both included on this CD and are great examples of of the kind of 'Throwaway'-pop ('Madness', where are you??) the group seems to be specialized in. 'Alright' is destined to become the summerhit that will make us forget 'In The Summertime' by Mungo Jerry, but I need to see first. That they've listened to Grannies 'The Beatles' a lot, can be heard in pretentious, psychedelic 'Sofa Of My Lethargy', going on in the same slow manner for six minutes, but worth to be rewarded for it's title alone!

Of course there will always be a market for this funpop and of course this group will meet a sunny future and of course their next record will be the masterpiece, this CD is surely NOT.

Bert van de Kamp, 'OOR' Magazine - 20 May 1995
Translated by Leo Hoek van Dijke.