The Press Article
Life On Other Planets
PARLOPHONE 5418002|40.45MINS

The Britpop jokers, congealing on your stereo.
Seven years since the daft, endearing I Should Coco - an album by a young band full of promise and uncertainty - Supergrass are still, unfortuantely a band full of promise and uncertainty. While Life On Other Planets kicks off well with the exploding riff of Za, it swiftly loses it's way in the tempo-changing country rock of Evening Of The Day. And so it continues. Singles Never Doen Nothing Like That Before and Grace pick up the pace but too often Gaz Coombes sings like Marc Bolan while squeaky "la-las" and glam riffs abound, creating a sense that Supergrass are The Sweet, only lazy. More varied than their last album, less rock than In It For The Money, it's a fiddly disappointment, as centreless as a B-sides compilation. Ultimately it's hard to take what Supergrass do seriously when they so obviously don't.

David Quantick, Q - October 2002