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Supergrass Is 10 DVD

A home movie documentary, all their videos, karaoke options... Gaz Coombes and co were so keen for Supergrass Is 10: The Best of 94-04 to cover everythingfrom their first decade together they even put out an SOS to fans appealing for footage.
Conclusions from the hours of material, then: from the age of 12 to latest single Kiss Of Life they will always respond to the presence of cameras with the same routine - beanpole drummer Danny Goffey jumps hopscotch-style over cameramen; less "athletic" bassist Mick Quinn shuffles about embarrassedly; and singer Coombes will at some point flash his best Banana Splits grin. Repeatedly. Nonetheless, this twin DVD set is a timely reminder of the quality of the band and their songwriting.

Q - August 2004