The Press Article
Life On Other Planets

It's been a while since Supergrass released anything so you would think they would have matured like a fine wine alternatively grown up, but no they are still as silly as as ever.

the album features baa's, tweets and even impersonations of the King himself. The tracks on the album sound like a who's who of 70's rock with influences by Marc Bolan, T-rex, Pink Floyd and the Beloved are thrown in to put a spanner in the works.

"LA Rock" as some of the most bizarre and comical electronics going on. there is a song called "Brecon Beacons" which warns us about the evil of the Welsh Witches, what's that all about. "Prophets 15" does mellow out the album towards the end, maybe they are giving us a tiny glimpse of their sensible side.

This album is mad which is encouraging, as that is what you would expect Supergrass to be, and if you expect nothing else you won't be disappointed.

R4U - September 2002