The Snippets
Here you'll find little bits of information from magazines and other places that aren't quite big enough to justify their own page, the poor little things. Hopefully one day they'll grow into big strong articles.

Guardian - 22 February 2008
"Supergrass Rebel In You
Ridiculously addictive glam-rocker from the forthcoming album by the gloriously hirsute former Britpoppers. Includes a plonky pub piano to die for."

NME - 26 January 2008
"New To The Playlist...
Best bit:
Keyboardist Rob Coombes dressed as a '70s badminton player."

Nuts Magazine - 12-18 August 2005
"Road To Rouen
After a misguided electro-pop flirtation, the shaggy haired simians return with an infectious album full of folksy riffs, trademark vocals and classic guitar.Top stuff. **** (4 stars very good)"

Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine - July 2004
THE BEST OF '94-'04

WHO? Simian indie-rock kids turned retro-rock elder statesmen.
HIGHLIGHTS: Caught By The Fuzz
LOWLIGHTS: If we were writing a book called The Worst Lyrics Of All Time, Mary would get a whole chapter.
VERDICT: Supergrass Is 10 confirms the 'Grass seldom put a foot wrong when it came to picking hits. 9/10"

University Reporter - February 2003
"... a kaleidoscopic vision of English pop-rock, attaching lots of tricked-out glam detailing to a sturdy, hook-studded frame."

Strength - February 2003
"[Supergrass] take a lot from Bowie and the Beatles... the best thing is that they are varied, dexterous, and can move from the sweet simplicity of a song like 'Evening of the Day' to a New York Dolls blitzkrieg on 'Never Done Nothing Like That Before' without dropping a scrap from the eternally burning Marc Bolan funeral pyre."

Men's Journal - February 2003
"Supergrass have struck an improbably balance between Wilco's quirky alt-country anthems and the hard space-rock riffs of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie. The result: Life on Other Planets, 12 neatly crafted pop songs with smooth harmonies, fuzzy guitars, and just enough electric twitter."

Maxim - February 2003
"Classic rock for kids who don't like classic rock - or who won't admit it. (four stars)"

Vanity Fair - February 2003
"T. Rex, the Beatles, David Bowie and Lou Reed have all unwittingly contributed to the exuberant new Life on Other Planets"

Melody Maker - 04 April 2000
"SUPERGRASS release their self-titled third album in the USA on April 4. They're playing 15 club gigs in the USA and Canada to support the album, starting at New York's Bowery Ballroom on April 28 and ending at the Commodore in Vancouver (May 29). They play the legendary Viper Room in LA (May 20)..."

Melody Maker - 21 December 1999
"SUPERGRASS have rediscovered their famously cheeky, funny personalities with a television advert for Radio 1. Recording a version of "Moving" in the Abbey Road studios, they "enhance" the song with coconut shells and, taking their cue from Embrace, a kazoo. Bass player Mickey Quinn even starts honking a tuba..."

Q - December 1999
In It For The Money


Three Top 10 hits and still we said it "failed".
What We Said Then:
"Twelve songs of rare and absolute charm that will simply be adored by everyone who hears them."
What We Say Now: Timeless rock'n'roll record. A perceived flop, but that's a result of the "whither wackiness?" backlash."

NME - 09 October 1999

No difficult third LP for Supergrass, because Supergrass, as you know, find nothing difficult. Their melodies bright, their lives full of looking on the bright side, 'Supergrass' is cheeky, sounds like David Bowie and is charming in the extreme."

Melody Maker - 02 October 1999
SUPERGRASS (Parlophone)
A gigantic leap. They still fizz like a Schweppes factory, but their music has absorbed a new melancholy.

Melody Maker - 25 September 1999
Moving (current Parlophone single)
The best Supergrass have come out with for ages, showing them maturing. Up there with "Alright" as a crowd favourite in no time."

Rock Sound - October 1999
Taken from the single PUMPING ON YOUR STEREO
With album number three under their belt it looks like Supergrass are gonna be bigger than ever. This raucous rock'n'roll beast will be pumping on your stereo for weeks to come, and is sure to get you hungry for more. In fact, before you know it you'll have the Supergrass munchies."

Q - October 1999

Having put away childish things - chopper bikes and the like - Supergrass's transition from grinning pop cherubs to grown-up rock'n'roll is now complete. Dizzying third album that weighs in with one chirpy sledgehammer blow after another."

NME - 21 August 1999
Mel C and Supergrass will play at this year's free Radio 1 live concert at Heaton Park, Manchester, on September 12.
More big-name acts are expected to be announced over the coming weeks and tickets will be given away to listeners in a series of 'Free Ticket Fridays' on the station.
The event will be hosted by Radio 1 DJs like Mark & Lard, Zoe Ball and Jamie Theakston.
Further updates are available on the Radio 1 website at"

Sky - September 1999

Less jumpy, mellow single from the stoner monkeys."

Select - September 1999
"Supergrass 'Moving'
(Parlophone Single)

A blissful and lengthy intro moves into an ambiguous piano knees-up about inertia. "I just can't stop messing my mind up or wasting my time", it goes. Not only the Grass' most mature work, but their best for ages."

Q - July 1999
"Late In The Day

The vibe: A dimly-lit bar in a country miles from home, where you sit alone, dolefully reminiscing and nursing a solitary drink. A chirpy stranger comes over, claps you round the shoulder and smiles "Cheer up geezer. Tomorrow's another day, innit?" You notice the sunlight outside, nod your thanks and strut determinedly out of the door.
Best listened to: just before bed
Live at: V99"

Melody Maker - 29 May 1999
"Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey and Lodger's frontwoman Pearl have had a second son. his name is Frankie, he was born on Monday, May 17, at a central London hospital and he weighed in at five pounds.
The family are all well and a spokesman for the band told The Maker: 'Danny is over the moon.'"

And, from the Readers' Lives section:

"Ruairi Friel sees Supergrass at Glasgow Barrowlands
Supergrass served up a powerhouse of a show, with five new songs showcased. The new ones were met with instant approval, with the oldies belted out with vigour. 'Mansize Rooster' left the Barrowlands audience wilder than an Old Firm crowd, and four years on, everyone was still grinning during 'Alright'."

NME - 29 May 1999
"... Dropping in to see Supergrass at London Shepherd's Bush Empire were Pulp, Vic Reeves, Chris Morris, Saint Etienne, Gail Porter (with her kit on! Though possibly she was just at the wrong party...), Placebo, Gene and Kylie Minogue (who stunned the poor happy chappies by popping into their dressing room unannounced)..."

NME - 08 May 1999
"Danny Supergrass and Pearl Lodger have announced that they are to become parents for the second time. Congratulations chaps!"

NME - 17 April 1999
"Supergrass have announced a short tour to support their forthcoming single, 'Pumping On Your Stereo', which is released on May 24. The band, who are currently putting the finishing touches to their third album, will preview material at Leeds Town & Country (May 11), Glasgow Barrowlands (12) and London Shpherd's Bush Empire (13)."

Select - June 1999
"'In It For The Money' might have pre-empted post-Britpop's aural awkwardness but, if progress reports are to be believed, album three from Supergrass is an altogether jollier affair. Quite how Danny's allegations of rhumba and "bad early '80s soul music" influences (as outlined in Select's 1999 preview) manifest themselves on the finished article (not, alas, to be entitled 'Cocked' after all) remains to be seen. However, the release of the first single, 'Pumping On Your Stereo' - an Iggy-esque glam affair - should offer aficionados a few choice hints, Alright?"

"Supergrass - Pumping On Your Stereo After the slightly underwhelming performance of 'In It For The Money', Supergrass are surely now back to slay all with the immensity of their energised talents. Well, er, no actually, because 'Pumping On Your Stereo' is merely a moderately exuberant boogie that half-inches those 'Lust For Life'-era Iggy glam histrionics to resolutely moderate effect. Nowhere near previous highs like 'Richard III', but it's better than Heavy Stereo."

Q - June 1999
"Supergrass - Pumping On Your Stereo Four not-on-new album tracks over two CDs. The first includes You'll Never Walk Again and Sick, with What A Shame and Lucky (No Fear) on the second."